These are the venues that I have played over the years. These great places have supported local music and I am proud to have to been on their schedule. Please go and support these businesses!

Press Kit

Here you will find a biography sheet, and press photos for publications and news outlets.


These are the great artists I have met along the way. I have either played with them, or are just friends of mine who have been part of my musical life. Go check them out, and say hello!


“The music scene in North East Philly is taking a turn for the better. Some new and very talented players are bringing new life to local music. Leading the way is Mike Estabrook. A singer-songwriter with a great feel for the audience. And when he teams up with partner Shawn Byrne it’s good a time for all”.

Angel Casiano, Musician

“Mike is a very emotive singer songwriter , who also has an ability to interpret songs and retain the emotion and excitement of the original recordings. He brings a distinctive style to whatever material he covers”.

Ben Brookes Belcher, Musician

“I’ve been in the business for well over 20 yrs and sometimes dealing with bands can be very difficult and frustrating but, Mike is a professional. He is a professional that understands the true workings of the industry. He is a true talent and always brings a crowd”.

Andy Wells, Bar Manager

“Mike has a solid song selection and his vocal range and musicianship is top notch. He is making his mark in a tough Philly music scene. I’d definitely recommend him”

Jeff Perlman, Musician

“My opinion….first time I listen to an acoustic player I can usually identify if they are an electric guitar player just playing an acoustic. In other words, not playing their home instrument. Mr. E is a true acoustic guitar player. It’s in the hands, the tone. Hell of a musician”.

Mike Kelly, Musician

“What can I say about Mike? Well, amongst an assembly of the many solo, duo & trio acts that surround the area, he truly rises above & sets himself apart from the rest. As a vocalist myself, I tend to hold very high standards and I can tell you that Mike Estabrook is one of the best. He is professional, engaging, talented and entertaining.”

Kelly Callan, Musician

“I met Mike through a friend who told me to go see him perform. I was not disappointed – a real talent in the area. He really knew how to channel his “inner blues”. I’m glad I met him”.

Danny Quimby, Musician

“I was out one evening looking for new acoustic acts to book at a high end room in Newtown PA, and came across Mike Estabrook playing at The Dog & Bull in Croydon. The very first song, I knew this guy was a huge talent. Both his singing and playing are on point, and his song selection is very entertaining. Needless to say, I booked him”.

Krista Doran, OOT Magazine




                                                                        Catch Mike every Thursday from 8-10 at Broken Goblet Brewing!!